At Lords we pride ourselves by having fresh farm produce, cakes, vegetables, local beers, chutneys and cheeses . .

At weekends we have fresh locally baked bread, just the smell of it makes your tummy rumble!

Lords are also famous for their wonderful Hampers, especially at Christmas Time or on Mothering Sunday! Just tell us how much you would like to spend and we will tailor a hamper to meet your specific requirements! Get in easrly though as we’re pretty busy at Christmas!


Tel: 01787 477784

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Local Beers & Wines

Local beers in Lords come from The Courtyard Brewery in Gosfield. So it really is local, literally half a mile from our shop!

We also have some lovely wines from a vineyard in Toppesfield, just 15 minutes away.

Local Honey

Local Honey from Local Bees! What can be better for sufferers of hayfever? Or perhaps you just like adding it to your morning porridge. 

Snowdonia Cheeses

A tasty range of Snowdonia cheese, from Black Bomber to Pickle or mature cheddar with whisky!

We also have a nice selection of crackers and some incredible pickled onions!


Every Christmas and on Mother’s Day we have a wide range of beautifully prepared Farm Shop Hampers! 

The hamper are created using only the finest products from our shop and they are designed to suit every pocket.

Cakes and Biscuits

We have a vast selection of cakes and biscuits at Lord’s. From Farmers Fruit Cakes to Lemon Drizzle, including Gluten and Egg free cakes. 

We also sock some tasty crackers to compliment our wonderful selection of Cheses and Pickled onions!