At Lords Farm Shop and Animal feeds we are lucky to have a fantastic second hand tack shop. Here you will find some amazing bargains for you and your horse or pony!

Saddles, leatherwear, boots . . you name it, we have it!

If you yourself have anything you would like to sell, bring it along, we will price it for you then pay you once the item is sold minus 30% commission.

Tel: 01787 477784

tack shop


We have all shapes and sizes of saddles. From small pony saddles to dressage and american saddles. If you wish to try one of our saddles all we ask is that the saddle is paid for however, if it does not fit you may return it to us within two days.

General Leatherware

We have loads of leather straps, reins, stirrup leathers, driving reins etc. It is all arranged for you and labelled. 

We also have a large selection of Bits, numnah’s, boots . .the list goes on and on!

Clothes and more..

As well as all the leather, we have, boots, horse Bits, clothing, numnah’s. 

You can browse through our large selection of New Rugs as well as sencond hand.