Healthy Tummy Horse Feed – 15kg

Dengie Healthy Tummy is a nutritionally complete fibre feed containing all the vitamins and minerals your horse or pony needs; there’s no need to add any mix, cubes or supplements, as long as you’re feeding at the recommended levels.



Taking the latest ingredients known to promote gut health, including alfalfa, Dengie Healthy Tummy is the ideal way to keep your horse healthy and happy.
Ulcers or Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) might seem like a recent phenomenon but its probably been afflicting horses for years. Its just that now Vets have the technology to view the horses stomach a 3m endoscope is required and so we can see the ulcers. Research has been carried out and we are only just learning the severity of the problem with an estimated 40% of leisure, 60% of competition and 90% of racehorses being affected by EGUS.
Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) refers to lesions of the tissue lining in the non-glandular area of the horses stomach. It is thought that diet, stress and exercise can all contribute to the problem and so to avoid or treat EGUS usually requires changes to diet and management as well as any medication prescribed by the Vet.
Key Benefits of Dengie Healthy Tummy
Alfalfa has long been recognised as a natural buffer to acidity in the horses gut. Naturally low in sugar and starch it is the ideal foundation to a diet for horses at risk of EGUS.
Protexin In-Feed Formula supplies prebiotics and live yeast. Protexin helps promote a healthy microbial population which is vital for fibre digestion and as part of the immune system.
Herbs for Gut Health a unique blend of herbs, including oregano, cinnamon and ginger, has been carefully selected. These herbs are believed to be powerful antioxidants as well as enhancing palatability.
High Spec Vits Mins which includes a full range of B vitamins such as biotin to promote exceptional coat and hoof condition.