At Lords Farm Shop and Animal feeds we stock plenty of feeds to cater for your, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, sheep, goats, pigs, alpaca’s and wild birds.

If your creature has specific dietary rerquirements, please ask, if it’s not in stock we will be able to get some for you in just a couple of days.

As well as feeds we also have plenty of bedding including shavings, wheat and rape.

If you require delivery, we can also arrange that for you at minimal cost.

Tel: 01787 477784


Lords Farm Shop and Animal Feeds have built a fantastic range of innovative supplements, which have proved extremely popular with equine consumers including individual leisure horse owners through to Gold Medal winning competition riders.

Shampoos & Medication

We also stock products for the treatment of various ailments that most horses pick up from time to time including wound powder, shampoos, hoof oil..


We supply premium Haylage and premium Ryegrass Haylage, a great dust free substitute for Hay. Ask about our delivery service!